I have had my two children at PJCA for the last 5 years. my oldest started kindergarten this past year and was beyond prepared. while it seems that they have had some turnover, most of the lead teachers are tenured and care about their job. as a parent, i have tried to get to know the teachers and as such they have always been respectful and do a good job communicating with me about my children. i have had a couple of issues over the last 5 years, but they were addressed quickly and professionally. Jenny and jim are wonderful, and truly care about the kids. they implemented the locked doors late last year and i was glad to see it. it is a christian learning environment where they still say the pledge of allegiance and the lord's prayer every morning, as well as grace before meals. i am welcomed in the classroom anytime. i know my kids are safe, happy, and in great care at PJCA

​may 16, 2013

I have two children at PJCA and I couldn't be happier with the quality of care they receive. Because of their ages, I have now experienced every room in the center from infant to Pre-K and, in each one, I've found the teachers and curriculum to be outstanding. My oldest is currently in Pre-K and is excelling in lessons and I'm very confident in his preparation for Kindergarten. 

The teachers and directors at PJCA don't just babysit the children under their care, they love them. They take the time to really know the children's personalities, favorites, and struggles. I have great trust in them and when I was a first mom, I found the teachers to be great sources of advice and help.

I have highly recommended PJCA to many friends in need of child-care and early education and I will continue to do so. 

posted 2013

​​I love pride and joy! my child was over prepared for kindergarten. the teachers are the best there is! they  care and love each child. the teachers make learning fun. from learning how to read and write to counting by 5's and 10's. these teachers know their stuff when it comes to making sure the children are prepared. that is not even mentioning the fabulous christmas program and graduation they put on each year. they also make a scrapbook of the whole year of each child! all i have to say is pride and joy Pre-k Rocks! there is no better place to be.

july 17, 2013

I have two children at pride & joy, one in afterschool and one in the preschool program. i am very satisfied with both programs. they are age appropriate and don't force the kids to learn, they make it a part of having fun. i picked pride and joy after a recommendation from my elementary school. to know that the teachers trust their children there was a big selling a big selling point for me. i can't disagree more with the statement that they are a bargin and good only for "day care". 

posted 2013

Pride & Joy Children's Academy

Happy birthday pride and joy. the absolute best start for little ones. a very loving, nurturing and educational experience that prepares children for the elementary school and beyond. both my kids started there 17 years ago and now both are excelling in major universities. what a great place!

Sam Edwards

January 2015

"Dear Pride and Joy Staff and Teachers, 

As parents of three children attending PJCA, we want to extend our gratitude to the school staff and teachers for the wonderful environment you provide. Each day my oldest, middle, and youngest child learn new concepts, are engaged in meaningful activities and leave your school happy. We appreciate the attention you give our children while they are in your care. 

Thank you for the seasonal decorations around the school and classrooms, which are inspected and critiqued daily by our children morning and afternoon (because they are 3). The brave field trip to the pumpkin patch (in the mud) with all of the after school kids on fall break. The even more brave 3-year-old Christmas production that took a lot of work to pull off (because they are 3). Also, the numerous art projects and assignments that allow us a window into their day at school.

We must reflect the sentiments of many parents when we say thank you for doing a fantastic job. We hope you have a wonderful holiday."

Very Sincerely, 

Julie and Eric
​december 2014

My kids have been going to pride and joy for several years now. Miss ronda prepared my son and daughter for kindergarten perfectly. the summer program at pride and joy is amazing. the kids are always on the go. my kids have been happy at pride and joy and love going. I stand behind my review which is why my name is on it! 

posted 2012